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The new organic cotton bag from EXKi, designed by Olivia Borlée

Trained in interior design, the famous Belgian sprint champion is also a talented fashion designer. With this bag, she has created an urban accessory that is both practical and trendy.
Fresh and stylish, the new EXKi tote bag combines elegance with practicality. It’s perfect for urban picnics and for outdoor gettogethers with friends.
It’s practical because it’s large enough to carry all sorts of indispensable items : makeup bag, mobile phone, tablet, beach towel,... It’s also ideal for the gym, shopping and everyday use. An inside pocket is handy for extra storage.
It’s elegant in an understated way. For an evening out, it adds the finishing touch to a simple black dress. Its black and white ethnic pattern, so fashionable this summer, will certainly create a sensation.

EXKi's bag designed by Olivia Borlée